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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Which one is better for adsense Wordpress or Blogger

If the question is, "Which one is better; Wordpress or Blogger?" the answer of course is obvious enough. But the question is, "Which one is better for Google AdSense; Wordpress or Blogger?" Agreeably, Wordpress has lots of facilities that are absent in Blogger, considering the fact it is newer; it could have been the better and preferred. But after thorough research, here are my conclusions regarding the two:

• Easy setup, if you have decent computer knowledge
• Massive amounts of different templates to choose from both on the site and elsewhere online - highly professional
• Huge array of plug-ins for extra features to be added easily and for free
• Site can be used with your own domain name
• You can create categories, links and make it look like a regular website

• Extremely simple setup for complete novice to the Internet
• Has comments with minor moderation
• Ability to email to make new posts
• Storage of pictures instead of just linking to them
• Looks like a typical blog
• Blogger is owned by Google

Hence my sentiment; since Blogger is actually OWNED by Google Inc., it naturally does better with Google AdSense because it is easily detected on Google's radar faster and will be indexed faster. Simply put, Google has a quick eye for Blogger.

Conclusively, if making money with Google AdSense is of huge importance to you, I strongly recommend Blogger for you. However, if making money with Google AdSense is not vitally significant to you, you may then consider the newer and of course, the better Wordpress. It's simply a question of priority. What do you think?

Achieve your dreams to make money with Google AdSense!

Gideon Bankole is the founder of Unstopabbles International, an organisation which empowers people to achieve their dreams. For relevant topics on SEO, Blogging and Google AdSense, Please visit


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