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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Google AdSense Help - Placement Means Profit

Google's AdSense is one of the fastest growing venues the average American household is taking advantage of to earn extra income. Why, because it offers a no cost start up and you can begin to profit the same day you start. As you begin your new venture into the world of online money making with AdSense you need to consider many things. One of those things is "Ad Placement".

What is it and why is ad placement so important?

Ad placement is simply deciding where on your website or blog will your ads be shown. Just having AdSense on your website anyplace is a start but if you really want to profit you have to take placement seriously. You need to ask yourself a few questions when deciding where on your site you will show Google Ads.

1. Will people see the ads without scrolling down the page?

When a visitor comes to your site you only get a couple seconds before they decide if they're going to stick around and read an article or browse your products. If they aren't going to stick around you want to make sure they exit your page by clicking on one of your Google ads. If your ads are not showing on the main page without having to scroll down, you are loosing money. You don't have to place all of your ads in the first section of your website but you must have at least one.

2. Are my Google AdSense ads in alignment with what my website is about?

The ads on your site are automatically generated by a computer. This means you have to make sure the content on your site is driving relevant ads to the viewers. The reason this section has to do with ad placement is because some sites are split into frames or separate pages. Depending on where your ad is placed it may show different ads. If your website (or the section of your website you are considering placing an AdSense ad) is about "how to make money with Google AdSense" you want to be sure to include words like; making money with Google AdSense, ad sense, AdSense help, AdSense account, AdSense forum, AdSense blog, ETC... The more niche keywords you use on your website, the more it will help your ads become more targeted. In return, people will be more likely to click on your ads.

3. Are my AdSense ads in a spot where people are likely ready to leave or click for more info?

Suppose a visitor to your website decided to read an article or browse your products. Think about where they'll end up. That's right. In the middle or at the bottom of your site. That's why you need to have ads spread out through the website. Once they are finished looking around or reading the article they'll want to move on. Make sure you have your AdSense in the proper place so they can leave by making you money!

Go ahead and play around with placement ideas. Google AdSense has a great reporting tool that will show you which of your ads are successful and which ones may need to be moved to a more profitable place. Take time with making the right placement and you'll see additional AdSense profits.

Jerhad - The Tipster
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