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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Secrets of Google Adsense

It is no surprise that Google Adsense still remain the top favorable income source for most Webmasters. However, there were considerably a number of Webmasters who are very upset about the recent changes that Google has enforced that eventually reduce the publishers' earnings.

In order to stay unaffected by the constant changes implemented by Google, a Webmaster has to go back to the basic - creating value to the users. This article will illustrate how you can go about creating valuable content and eventually, pulling in at least hundreds of dollar from Google Adsense.

First, the most important factor is to attract the right type of traffic. It makes no sense having 100,000 regular visitors per day to your site as compared to 50,000 unique and first-time visitors. Most regular visitors will not click on your advertisement. This explains why most blogs do not perform using Google Adsense especially if the majority of their traffic is from bookmarks.

There is only one type of traffic that converts the best for Adsense earnings - Search Engine traffic. Most clicks on the advertisement are triggered by first-time visitors especially if they were referred from the search engines. Therefore, in order to increase your earnings for Adsense, focus on Search Engine Optimization. Some of the proven optimization techniques include titles shortening, keywords allocation, article submission and social bookmarking for gaining links popularity.

Another critical impact is the advertisement format. Despite all the various school of thoughts, the most effective format is to blend them into your content and make it appears natural (in terms of content, colors and fonts). Advertisement placed in boxes also perform better than in rectangle format. Advertisements that are placed above the fold also did a good job attracting clicks. However, you should limit the advertisement to 3 unit per page. Anything more than that will make your page looks unprofessional and low value.

One very useful tip to increase your Adsense earnings is to use the horizontal link unit. This type of advertisement appears like navigation menu and thus, making up most of the clicks in an average site. Over 70% of my income are generated from this particular type of advertisement format.

To summarize, there are only two things to worry about - traffic and advertisement format. Once you can get the right type of traffic flowing into your site, you can then focus on capturing the clicks from the traffic by displaying natural advertisement.

KC TAN is an Internet Entrepreneur who has been generating passive income stream from Websites for several years. He is also the author of the book, The Secrets of Adsense 2008. He also runs a CSS layout review blog


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