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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

I think a common scenario is for people to read about how they can make money with Adsense and after building a site, finding that there is not much money to be made. Adsense works only if you do the following:

1) Original Content

Search Engines spiders are smart. Simply put, Google would not want a user to be coming across the same information on every site there is. Its logical isn't it? How would it feel to find that all the information you're searching for is similar with not much variation. So in order to benefit from Search Engine traffic, the content should be unique.

2) Traffic

Without Traffic, there will be no clicks on your Ads. Many ways to get traffic, incoming links and original content posted on your blog with keywords of your choice will have you listed on the search engines quickly. Keyword research can be done with tools such as keyword analzyer or niche inspector.

3) Keywords to use

Since a site is built for Adsense, it would be better to target keywords that pay $0.50 and up. Anything less, and its better to use the site as an affiliate site and earn commissions of $15, rather then $0.10 per click. There are pre-made templates that one can use, and the optimised adsense templates can produce click through rates of up to 36%

Click Here to see click through rates of 36%

Click Here to see Google Adsense per clicks that pay $4.00

4) Site layout

The links for your Adsense Ads should be in Blue. Since Google allows a max of 3 ads to be placed on your site, I find decreasing the color of my posting links to grey whilst increasing the "blue" color of the Adsense Ads, causing them to stand out effective. The Leader board, side leader board and bottom Board surround the post and helps the Adsense Ads stand out, thus resulting in a better CTR.

5) Auto Posting

I find Auto Posting very necessary for Adsense because its easier to have your posts for the entire week typed into an auto poster in a single session of 3 hrs and posted periodically, rather then logging on to the computer and posting everyday. Fresh Content posted this way keeps the search engines happy, and will result in search engine traffic that results in Clicks.

To learn how I automate things in order to earn money from Adsense, passive income that is automated, visit the link below to learn more.

Sherman's Guide to AutoPilot Profits with Google Adsense. Visit his Blog Post on How To Make Money With Google Adsense


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