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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Google AdSense Explained For the Beginner

What is Google AdSense? AdSense is a product of Google that places adverts on your website that surfers can click on in order to go to the site of the advertiser. We are all familiar with the little ads that appear on the right side column when we view search results from Google and most would have seen some Google ads on the various web sites that we surf, including on this page that you are currently viewing.

How is money generated with AdSense? Google charges advertisers a fee for placing adverts on their system. They display these ads in a number of places such as in search results and on some web sites where the webmaster has given Google permission to do so. The placement of ads and advertising with Google is commonly called PPC or pay per click. This is because every time an advertisers advert is clicked on, Google charges the advertiser. In turn if the advert that has just been clicked on, is on a webpage that you own, then Google pays a small part of that fee to you in the form of a commission. This is called AdSense.

Can I actually make money from Google AdSense? AdSense is one of the older methods of making money on the internet and is in fact used by many internet marketers to create a base income. Once correctly set up, AdSense provides constant income with very little maintenance necessary. All you need is a website that attracts a fair amount of traffic and which displays Google ads. A small percentage of the visitors to your site will then click on one of the adverts displayed on the webpage and you will start earning money from Google. The earnings are usually slow to start with as it does take a fair amount of time before your website gets sufficient traffic, but when the traffic comes in it is almost impossible to stop earning money. There are some internet marketers who are earning in excess of $40 000-00 per month purely from their AdSense programmes. This forms their base earnings and anything else they earn from other sales is pure profit.

I do not have a Website so how can I earn? There are ways to earn from Google AdSense even if you do not have a website. One of the ways is to submit content in the form of articles to some of the web communities such as HubPages. These communities have a revenue sharing system whereby they will publish your articles and post the Google adverts on your page. When money is earned from these adverts they share the income with you. In addition to this they also display adverts from eBay and amazon and share this income with you. Alternatively there are programmes that can be bought which assist you in setting up your own website designed to generate AdSense income. The setup for these sites is fairly simple and most of time there is a link to someone who will do all the setup work for you. A link to such a site can be found on my main website listed in my autobiography.

In conclusion, AdSense remains the best basic form of earning in the internet marketers income structure.

John Foster is a successful internet marketer and is the webmaster of

There is many more articles on his site that cover making money from AdSense


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