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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Making Google AdSense Work For You

Google AdSense, is it the best thing since sliced bread? some obviously might beg to differ. The truth is whilst AdSense has been a blessing to some, it has been a nightmare for others. Stories of people being banned for doing nothing are prevalent, but the question is can you really make money with Google AdSense? The answer is yes, yes, and yes, and everyone can do it with some motivation and a goal in mind.

Building a blog/website is one of the best way to get a "chunk" of those AdSense bucks. When building a website/blog there are a couple of things to note

Content-Quality of your content obviously can't be underestimated. How do you get this content? general knowledge, and as the saying goes, "everyone has a book waiting to come out" you just have to tap into it.
Appearance-Many people might beg to differ, but appearance does count. Natural "human instincts" if your blog looks great and everything is nicely organized then people will tend to come. Appearance is just the tip of the iceberg, but definitely adds to the equation.
Ad placement-According to Google the best place to put ads is on top and on the left side, this is because people tend to notice that side first. Blending your ad is fairly important. One thing that doesn't work as well are skyscrapers. Skyscrapers are ads that normally on the sides and run along the sides. Nowadays people tend not to notice them, because they look really ,"cheesy". Research shows that text/contextual ads are clicked on three times more than the sky scrappers.
Building links- Building links is equally important, this is because search engines look at them as the popularity of your website. Aiming for high ranking websites and linking with them really helps your website to rank better with search engines.
Making money online can be as hard as making it offline, but as long as you believe in yourself you can do it. The key is finding a Niche(preferably something that isn't crowded) something you have a passion for, and willing to write about it.


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