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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Google AdSense is a Great Reliable Source to Earn Money Online

Google AdSense Program is distributing the ads on the blogs or websites related to the contents automatically. It is also called revenue sharing program. Google pays the publishers according the clicks performed each day. That means, when a browser clicks on the ads distributed by Google the publishers will get paid as per ad click. But the publishers must not click his/her own ads to get the revenue. Google System can easily detect this type of illegal job. Google not allows the ads for any the sites containing pornography, gambling and such bad things.

Those who have extra time 2 to 4 hours a week can easily earn money through Google AdSense only having a blog or website. We all have some interests in our life such as keeping pet, travelling, watching movies and sports (tennis, cricket, football, more..), gardening and many more. We can easily write blogs or websites on these interests using our practical knowledge and thoughts. For each thoughts we may white each post on blog. Then apply for Google AdSense. After reviewing your contents and website or blog quality Google will approve your site for ads. You must post 2-3 posts each week to increase the blog weight.

Now the main thing is the visitors. How can we get the visitors to my blog through which we may earn money? There are several ways to get traffics.

1. Submit articles on the same topics to the article directories giving the link back of your blog post as signature or source.

2. Make comments on the others' blog post and give a back link of your post.

3. Join the related forums and groups (Yahoo, Google, MSN) and answer the appropriate answer and also show the link back.

4. Using you should burn your blog feed for RSS and submit rss feed to the popular RSS directories.

5. Submit your blog to the popular search engines and try to optimize the blog to get on the top 10 search result on the topic. Don't submit a blog multiple time to the same search engine.

I hope that anyone may earn money through Google AdSense using these methods.


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